We live in a spiritual world that our physical senses know nothing about. Mystics visit it, priests wax poetic about it, ascetics suffer for it, and artists imagine it. This is my imaginative vision of that world.

I see myself surrounded by spirits the way a fish is surrounded by water. Animals appear as the personifications of human feelings and passions, and stones as entities esteemed for their wisdom. In letters I discern the things from which they originate, and in words the forces they unleash. I see colors as acts of light.

I experience thinking, feeling and willing as the workings of cosmic hierarchies within me. Imagination, inspiration and intuition emerge as forms of cognition higher than reason and logic. In what are called myths, I recognize the stories of the goings-on in the super-sensible realm.

Finally, I believe when an artist weaves their soul into their medium, they are doing the vital work of creating a means to go beyond the world of the senses and into the spiritual. It is from the unseen universe, full of beings and happenings, that material existence draws its chief significance.