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Rishi  24 x 18


24 x 18

Witness  24 x 18


24 x 18

Near the end of his life, Adam sent his son Seth to the Garden of Eden to procure seeds from the tree- sometimes called the Tree of Life sometimes the Tree of Knowledge. When Adam died, Seth placed the seeds in Adam’s mouth and a special tree grew from the grave.

All significant wood in the Bible comes from this tree. The burning bush, the staff of Moses, the lintel above the door of Solomon’s Temple, the bridge over the pool at Bethesda, and finally the cross. That tree has seen everything!

Poet  13 x 22  sold


13 x 22


“When words were forces, and letters were things.”

Meditation  18 x 14  2016 Sold


18 x 14

2016 Sold

“There's an occult way of silencing these unwanted thoughts, and that is to clearly imagine a shining Mercury staff with a black snake winding around it and then a white snake winding against the other one. The black snake symbolizes the materialistic thoughts of the lower self that disturb one, and the bright one the divine thoughts of the higher self. And when we place this symbol with its whole significance before our soul — where the bright snake coils against the black one — then all disturbances will disappear and we can immerse ourselves in our meditation.” Rudolph Steiner

Achamoth  16” x 20”


16” x 20”

In the Gnostic tradition Achamoth, the daughter of Sophia, searching for her father wandered out of heaven and into the material world, where she encountered chaos. I made this painting long before I read this story, and it was originally titled “Flying Blind” which is a sentiment I relate to often. This wandering of Achamoth sets in motion the entire cosmology of the Gnostics. It is equivalent to the Christian “Fall of the Angels.”